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  Autore Titolo   Anno Tipo Genere    
1 CABATON, Antoine    Catalogue sommaire des manuscripts Indiens, Indo-Chinois & Malayo-Polynésiens       1912 Monografia  Cataloghi  
2 KOSKENNIEMI, Kimmo    A concordance to the texts in the Indus script       1982 Monografia  Altro  
3 MUKHERJI, Ramaranjan    Corpus of Bengal Inscriptions bearing on History and Civilization of Bengal       1967 Monografia  Altro  
4 DEAMBI, B. K. Kaul    Corpus of Sarada Inscriptions of Kashmir with special reference to origin and development of Sarada Script       1982 Monografia  Altro  
5    9788170300212 Deyadharma : Studies in Memory of Dr.D.C. Sircar       1986 Monografia  Altro  
6 PRINSEP, James   9788120610361 Essays on Indian Antiquities, historic, numismatic and paleographic of the late James Prinsep to which are addeded his useful tables       1995 Monografia  Altro  
7 SIRCAR, Dines Candra    Indian Epigraphical Glossary       1966 Monografia  Altro  
8 SIRCAR, Dines Candra    Indian epigraphy       1965 Monografia  Altro  
9 SALOMON, Richard   9780195099843 Indian epigraphy : A guide to the study of inscriptions in Sanskrit, Prakrit and the other Indo-Aryan languages       1998 Monografia  Altro  
10     INDIAN Epigraphy : Its Bearing on the History of Art       1985 Monografia  Altro  
11     Indus Valley to Mekong Delta : Explorations in epigraphy       1985 Monografia  Altro  
12     Inscriptions of Bengal       Monografia  Altro  
13     KAMARUPASASANAVALI       1981 Monografia  Altro  
14    9788173050558 Krsna Smrti : Studies in Indian Art and Archaeology Prof. K.D. Bajpai Commemoration Volume       1995 Monografia  Altro  
15 MEHTA, R. N.    Maharaja Sayajirai copper plates of the time of Toramana       1978 Monografia  Altro  
16 KOSKENNIEMI, Seppo    Materials for the study of the Indus script       1973 Monografia  Altro  
17 MAJUMDAR, N. G.    Nalanda Copper-plate of Devapaladeva       1926 Monografia  Altro  
18 GAI, G. S.    A New Grant of Bhulunda, Years 38 and 77       1970 Monografia  Altro  
19 CHHABRA, Bahadurchand    Office of Uparika       Titolo analitico  Altro  
20 TAW Sein-Ko    A Preliminary Study of the Kalyani Inscriptions of Dhammacheti, 1476 A.D.       1893 Monografia  Altro  
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