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  Autore Titolo   Anno Tipo Genere    
1 AESOPUS    Aesopica : a series of texts relating to Aesop or ascribed to him or closely connected with the literary tradition that bears his name       2007 Monografia    
2    9780252013850 Alive and writing : interviews with American authors of the 1980s       1987 Monografia  Altro  
3 KENNAN, F. George    American diplomacy, 1900-1950       1951 Monografia    
4 EARNEST, Ernest   9780252004483 The American Eve in fact and fiction, 1775-1914       1974 Monografia  Altro  
5 MARTYNOV, Anatoly I.   9780252012198 The ancient art of Northern Asia       1991 Monografia  Altro  
6 PRITCHARD, Earl H.    Anglo-Chinese relations during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries       1929 Monografia    
7 HABBERTON, William    Anglo-Russian relations concerning Afghanistan, 1837-1907       1937 Monografia    
8 VAN HORNE, John    "ElBernardo" of Bernardo de Balbuena : a study of the poem with particular attention to its relations to the epics of Boiardo and Ariosto and to its significance in the spanish renaissance       1927 Monografia  Altro  
9     Bibliographies of Studies in Victorian literature for the Ten Years 1955-1964       1967 Monografia  Bibliografie  
10     Bibliographies of studies in Victorian literature for the Thirteen Years 1932-1944       1971 Monografia  Bibliografie  
11     Bibliographies of studies in Victorian literature for the Ten Years 1945-1954       1971 Monografia  Bibliografie  
12    9780252076572 Black Europe and the african diaspora       2009 Monografia    
13 BOWEN, Barbara C.    Les caractéristiques essentielles de la farce française et leur survivance dans les années 1550-1620       1964 Monografia  Altro  
14 RONELL, Avital   9780252083228 Complaint : Grievance among Friends       2018 Monografia    
15    9780252006913 The concise history of woman suffrage : Selection from the classic work of Stanton, Anthony, Gage, Harper       1978 Monografia    
16 ELLIS, Kate Ferguson   9780252060489 The contested castle : Gothic novels and the subversion of domestic ideology       1989 Monografia  Materiale grafico  
17     La correspondance de Marcel Proust : chronologie et commentaire critique       1949 Monografia  Altro  
18 OSGOOD, Charles E.   9780252005503 Cross-cultural universals of affective meaning       1975 Monografia  Altro  
19 MURPHY, Spencer L. : Jr.    Descriptive studies in Spanish grammar       1954 Monografia  Altro  
20 SCHRAN, Peter   025200137b The development of Chinese agriculture, 1950-1959       1969 Monografia  Altro  
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