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  Autore Titolo   Anno Tipo Genere    
1 FAULKNER, William    Absalom, absalom!       1951 Monografia  Altro  
2 HART, Moss    Act one : an autobiography       1959 Monografia  Altro  
3 TWAIN, Mark    The adventures of Tom Sawyer ; and, The adventures of Huckleberry Finn       1918 Monografia  Altro  
4 WHARTON, Edith    The age of innocence       1948 Monografia  Altro  
5 WARREN, Robert Penn    All the king's men       1953 Monografia  Altro  
6 FRANKLIN, Benjamin    The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and selections from his other writings       1950 Monografia  Altro  
7 HARTE, Bret    The best short stories of Bret Harte       1947 Monografia  Altro  
8 EMERSON, Ralph Waldo    The complete essays and other writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson       1950 Monografia  Altro  
9 DONNE, John    The complete poetry and selected prose       1941 Monografia  Altro  
10 HOFFENSTEIN, Samuel    The complete poetry of Samuel Hoffenstein       1954 Monografia  Altro  
11 LAMB, Charles    The Complete works and letters of Charles Lamb       1935 Monografia  Altro  
12 TWAIN, Mark    A Connecticut Yankee at king Arthur's court       1917 Monografia  Altro  
13 JEWETT, Sarah Orne   9780375756719 The country of the pointed firs and other stories       2000 Monografia    
14 LEWIS, Sinclair    Dodsworth : a novel       1947 Monografia  Altro  
15 ADAMS, Henry    The education of Henry Adams       1931 Monografia  Altro  
16 CUMMINGS, Edward Estlin    The enormous room       1934 Monografia  Altro  
17 FAULKNER, William    A fable       1966 Monografia  Altro  
18 HAMILTON, Alexander    The Federalist : a commentary on the Constitution of the United States, being a collection of essays written in support of the Constitution agreed upon September 17,1787, by the Federal Convention       1941 Monografia  Altro  
19 STEINBECK, John    The grapes of wrath       1939 Monografia  Altro  
20 SWIFT, Jonathan    Gulliver's Travels : a tale of a tub ; the battle of the books       1950 Monografia  Altro  
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