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  Autore Titolo   Anno Tipo Genere    
1     The Boxer Rising : A history of the Boxer trouble in China       1967 Monografia  Altro  
2 ROCKHILL, William Woodville    China's intercourse with Korea from the 15. century to 1895       1970 Monografia  Altro  
3 RUPERT, Milan    Chinese bronze mirrors. A study on the Todd Coll. of 1000 bronze mirror found in the five norther provinces of suiyuan : Shansi, Honan, Hopei China       1966 Monografia  Altro  
4 DRISCOLL, Lucy    Chinese calligraphy       1964 Monografia  Altro  
5 WIEGER, Leon    Chinese characters : their origin, etymology, history, classification and signification. A thorough study from Chinese documents       1965 Monografia  Altro  
6 PLOPPER, Clifford H.    Chinese religion seen through the proverb       1969 Monografia  Altro  
7 ASAKAWA Kan'ichi    The early institutional life of Japan : A study in the reform of 645 A.D.       1963 Monografia  Altro  
8 RAO, T. A. Gopinatha    Elements of Hindu Iconography       1968 Monografia  Altro  
9 GORDON, Antoniette k.    The iconography of tibetan lamaism       1972 Monografia  Altro  
10 SPAE, Joseph John    Ito Jinsai : A Philosopher, Educator and Sinologist of the Tokugawa Period       1967 Monografia  Altro  
11 CHI Ch'ao-Ting    Key economic areas in Chinese history as revealed in the development of public works for water-control       1963 Monografia  Altro  
12     The Korean Repository       1892 Periodico  Altro  
13 HOLTOM, Daniel Clarence    Modern Japan and Shinto Nationalism : A study of present-day trends in Japanese Religions       1963 Monografia  Altro  
14 HIRTH, Friedrich    Notes on the Chinese documentary style = Wen-chien tzu-chu ju-men       1969 Monografia  Rendiconti tecnici  
15 HAFEZ ABRU    A Persian embassy to China : being an extract from Zubdatu't Tawarikh       1970 Monografia  Altro  
16 SU Dongpo    The Prose-Poetry of Su Tung-p'o. Being translations into English of the Fu       1964 Monografia  Altro  
17 MARCH, Benjamin    Some technical terms of Chinese painting       1969 Monografia  Altro  
18 GORDON, Antoniette k.    Tibetan religious art       1963 Monografia  Altro  
19     Translations from Po Chu-I's collected works       1971 Monografia  Altro  
20 REICHELT, Karl Ludwig    Truth and tradition in Chinese Buddhism : A study of Chinese Mahayana Buddhism       1968 Monografia  Altro  
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