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  Autore Titolo   Anno Tipo Genere    
1 CAMPBELL, David J.    Allocation of land resources in semi-arid areas : a simulation based on the East African experience       1978 Monografia    
2 GARGALLO, Eduard    Beyond black and white: Ethnicity and land reform in Namibia       2010 Titolo analitico    
3 JAMES, Deborah    Burial sites, informal rights and lost kingdoms: Contesting land claims in Mpumalanga, South Africa       Titolo analitico    
4 MITZI, Goheen    Chiefs, subchiefs and local control: negotiations over land, struggles over meaning       1992 Titolo analitico    
5 COURAGEOT, Pierre    Les communautés agraires du Maroc et le Protectorat Français       1934 Monografia    
6 CHAUVEAU, Jean-Pierre    Customary transfers and land sales in Cote d'Ivoire: Revisiting the embeddedness issue       Titolo analitico    
7 FELBER, Heinz   9783447039727 Demotische Ackerpachtvertrage der Ptolemaerzeit : Untersuchungen zu Aufbau, Entwicklung und inhaltlichen Aspekten einer Gruppe von demotischen Urkunden       1997 Monografia    
8 GRIGG, David   9788815007537 La dinamica dei mutamenti in agricoltura       1985 Monografia    
9 MENARD, Alphonse    Le droit immobilier marocain et le régime foncier de l'immatriculation (Zone française, Zone spéciale de Tanger, Zone espagnole)       1934 Monografia    
10 GREEN, David A.G.    Ethiopia : An economic analysis of technological change in four agricultural production systems       1974 Monografia    
11 BERHANOU Abbebe    Evolution de la propriété foncière au Choa (Ethiopie) du règne de Ménélik à la costitution de 1931       1971 Monografia    
12 AMANOR, Kojo Sebastian    Family values, land sales and agricultural commodification in South-Eastern Ghana       Titolo analitico    
13 CHIMOWU, Admos    Forbidden but not suppressed: A 'vernacular' land market in Svosve communal lands, Zimbabwe       Titolo analitico    
14 SITKO, Nicholas J.    Fractured governance and local frictions: The exclusionary nature of a clandestine land market in southern Zambia       Titolo analitico    
15 PAUSEWANG, Siegfried    The history of land tenure and social personality development in Ethiopia       1970 Monografia    
16 ITALIA : Governo dell'Eritrea    Imposta fondiaria : Esercizio Finanziario 1909-1910       1910 Monografia    
17 LEBEL, Roland    L'impot agricole au Maroc : "Le Tertib"       1925 Monografia    
18 KOUAME, Georges    Intra-family and socio-political dimensions of land markets and land conflicts: The case of the Abure, Cote d'Ivoire       Titolo analitico    
19 COLIN, Jean-Philippe    Introduction: Interpreting land markets in Africa       Titolo analitico    
20 LENTZ, Carola    Is land inalienable? Historical and current debates on land trasfers in Northern Ghana       Titolo analitico    
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